Client story Livin24

In a world where new stores are opening daily, a personal relationship with customers is increasingly important, and so is Livin24. But, how do you keep that customer relationship personal with a customer base of thousands?

Client story Livin24

A personal relationship with every customer

Consumers can't see the wood for the trees among the dozens of newsletters and offers they receive every day. This is exactly where you can stand out thanks to Reloadify. No matter how large your customer database is, with the help of email marketing software, emails remain personal. Reloadify unburdens companies when it comes to sending emails and creates overview in the databases where often thousands of people are subscribed to newsletters and other actions such as discounts and monthly offers.

Not only that, thanks to an extensive range of options, companies can filter and sort properties of their customers by, for example, age, place of residence and other preferences. This allows companies to send very targeted and relevant emails. "Because we now send emails that fully match our customers' preferences, wishes and past orders, they never again miss out on offers and good deals. On the contrary, they get a bite and a good deal more often," Manon explains.

A customer who purchases a set of chairs from Livin24 does not receive an e-mail with an offer for the same kind of chairs shortly after purchase. However, Livin24 does email customers automatically about matching products. This is possible thanks to triggers. These are a kind of 'alarm bells' that go off when a customer buys a specific product. If the company has set a trigger 'on' that product, the software automatically calculates when it is a good time to send an e-mail with other attractive products. For example, Livin24 customers receive an email a few days after purchase with products that match their purchase, such as a beautiful pendant lamp or a chic dining table in the case of the set of chairs purchased.

"Because we make our emails so personal, customers really feel like they're emailing with a person instead of a big company. Without Reloadify, that would never have been possible."

Email marketing for everyone

At Livin24, Manon and colleagues actively use Reloadify. They do so, says Manon, with great pleasure. Because the software is easy to use, anyone can work with it.

If you start using Reloadify, you always start with a demo. During this demo, one of the employees explains everything about the program to you. "But even if you have questions later, Reloadify's employees are always there for you. They take their time and really listen to you. Not only do you notice this with questions, but they also take any suggestions for the program seriously. That transparency and commitment is unique and incredibly nice," Manon explains. "Nor is it the case that if you make a suggestion, you don't hear anything about it afterwards. Once in a while you have a meeting with someone from Reloadify and they show you their roadmap. If you come up with any suggestions, they tell you immediately whether those changes are possible and how long it will take. This way you always know what you have in common and what to expect."

Creating engagement

Many marketing departments now (still) work with different software programs for writing, formatting and sending emails. "In Reloadify everything comes together: you can collect, filter and analyze data, but you can also format and send your emails directly in the software. That works super nice," says Fischer. Thanks to the software, Manon and colleagues have engaged Livin24's customers in all kinds of actions and vice versa.

"The engagement between the company and the customer is significantly increased. After purchasing, customers immediately receive an email thanks to such a previously mentioned trigger. In that mail we tell about our Happy Customer action. We ask customers to take a picture of the purchased product in their interior. They send that picture to us and then they have a chance to win a certain amount of money. The response is very positive. With a campaign like this, you really notice how much a company benefits from well-organized e-mail marketing," says Manon. Livin24 has grown a lot recently, "and with Reloadify we are looking forward to further growth. Without this software we would not have been able to set up and organize our email marketing in such an efficient and organized way and to actually profit from it. Reloadify is now indispensable within our company."

Are you eager to take your email marketing to the next level and get more value out of it too? Contact us and we will be happy to show you a demo of our software.

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