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Personalize with dynamic content

Tailor each email to each unique user. Always show the right products. Add unique discount codes. All fully automated.

Dynamic content

Place dynamic products in emails

Create an email with products tailored to each unique recipient. Display a customer's last ordered products. Post the latest products in a newsletter. All this without code.

  • Full product catalog available
  • Place dynamic products in emails without code
  • Create your own dynamic product feeds
Place dynamic products in emails

Share unique discount codes

Generate dynamic discount codes in Reloadify. Add the discount code to emails. Automatically send a unique code in each email. The discount code is automatically uploaded in your webshop when the email is sent.

  • Automatic generation of discount codes
  • Choose the type of discount
  • All used discount codes in one system
Share unique discount codes

The best solutions. Discover how to deploy dynamic content

Discover how to use dynamic content

Save time with Reloadify

Time is precious. That is why Reloadify offers numerous ways to save time, without compromising on personalization. So you just send that important campaign on time, instead of quickly on your day off (while trying to keep your kids alive in the sandbox).

Recommendations that are always relevant

Inspire, surprise and win over customers by showing the right recommendations. Without you having to put in much effort. Based on your data, our algorithms compile product feeds that you can show in the right place with a single click.

  • Real-time recommendations
  • Integrated with the search bar
  • Products filtered by stock
Always show the right recommendations

Put products in the spotlight

Spotlight the products that deserve it. Draw attention to products you want to sell, without a lot of work. Analyse reports from the feeds and get more insight your customers.

  • Reporting of merchandise feeds available
  • Keep the overview
  • Products filtered by stock
Place products in the spotlight

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