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Reloadify for enterprise

Reloadify is the perfect fit for all your marketing needs, whatever your desire. Maintain relationships with hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously. Set up retention strategies. Match the needs of each unique customer.

  • All first-party data in one place
  • Boost conversions
  • Optimal use of data
Reloadify for enterprise webshops

Achieve all your marketing goals with Reloadify

Reloadify was developed with e-commerce in mind. This means that our entire package is aimed at increasing your webshop's conversion rate. Everything to make it as easy as possible for you.

Stay in touch with your customers effortlessly. *Hundreds of thousands at a time.*

Stay in touch with your customers effortlessly. Hundreds of thousands at a time.

Reloadify works incredibly fast. *Always.*

Reloadify works incredibly fast. Always.

Set up OmniChannel campaigns. *Easy and time-saving.*

Set up OmniChannel campaigns. Easy and time-saving.

Customer Data Experience Platform

All data in one place. Thanks to the live connection with the webshop, you keep an overview in Reloadify. Use this up-to-date data directly in OmniChannel campaigns.

  • All your data in one place
  • Create a 360-degree customer view
  • Collect first party data
Customer Data Experience Platform

Advanced and user-friendly

In Reloadify, you will find user-friendly features, without compromising on functionality. Give yourself tomorrow's possibilities. Combined with Dutch simplicity.

  • Create complex segmentations and omnichannel strategies
  • Enjoy logical software
  • Advanced yet easy to use
Advanced and user-friendly
Boozyshop client story

"The close bond with our customers is very important to us. Reloadify supports us in this."

JoëllaHead email marketing Boozyshop

The benefits of working with Reloadify


Connect your webshop to Reloadify thanks to our own ready-made integrations. Multilingual webshop? We synchronize all store views. Webshop on your own platform? Integrate via our API and enjoy all our features.


Use dynamic content to personalize your content. Automate contact moments with triggers and flows. Save time and increase conversions with marketing automations.

Recommendations & merchandise

Personalize your webshop for each unique visitor. Display hyper-personalized content and customize products based on cross-channel data. All this in a super-fast loading time of 3 milliseconds.


Gain insight into your customers' behaviour thanks to the comprehensive segmentation in Reloadify. Segment by buying behaviour, browsing behaviour on your website and interactions.

Always up-to-date software

Our platform is evolving by the day. We listen to our customers and help them move forward. So your marketing automations always keep up with the times.


Learn more about your customers. Analyze all results clearly in reports. Easily discover which marketing strategies work best.

See how you can move forward as an enterprise. Discover our solutions

See how you can move forward as an enterprise.

The entire customer journey in one package

A CDP and omnichannel activation layer in one. That's Reloadify. Collect real-time -customer data and set up personalized marketing automations across marketing channels. Be blown away by our easy-to-use and complete software package.

Suitable for any webshop

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With our plug and play integrations you connect your webshop to Reloadify. In no time we retrieve all data, in real-time.

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