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Ask any twenty-something where she buys her jewelry and chances are the name Notbranded will come up. In six years, this webshop has experienced explosive growth. Monica Westerveld, owner of Notbranded, takes you through her journey and tells you what role Reloadify plays in it.

How Notbranded uses Reloadify to increase customer value

How Notbranded uses Reloadify to increase customer value

Things have moved quickly for Notbranded. From the kitchen table, the webshop has grown to a company with 15 employees. The hard work was awarded the Shopping Award for fastest-growing e-commerce company in 2024. "That was a very nice crown for the team's work of course!" said Monica.

The high costs of a new customer

In an industry where most of the target audience scrolls all day on social media, bringing in new customers is no problem. With their now hundred thousand follower Instagram account, they manage to reach a large amount of customers. "Our stories are viewed by twenty thousand people. Many customers come in through social media and there is still a lot to gain there."

Attracting new customers is an expensive business. Therefore, although the top of the market has not yet been reached for Notbranded, Monica focuses with Bart, Head of Growth at Notbranded, on increasing customer lifetime value. "A new customer costs a relatively large amount and that's only going to increase. Therefore, we are exploring how to increase the value of an existing customer. This strategy runs parallel to bringing in new customers."

"Reloadify helps us keep customers coming back."

This is where Reloadify comes in. "Reloadify helps us get customers to return. We have now set up several campaigns. Customers who have been inactive for a while are 'woken up' again. Second orders are also encouraged." Once a new customer places an order, they then receive a discount code that is valid for a limited time. With an open rate of 56%, it is one of the most successful automations. "We are still coming up with ideas on how we can do an even better job of retaining customers."

Notbranded also uses email to inspire

In addition to triggers and flows, Notbranded sends out a newsletter an average of twice a week. "We also use email as an inspiration channel. We want to sell something, of course, but mail is also a fun way to reach a lot of customers in one fell swoop and inspire them with new products. We try to add fun hooks to that."

Although much of Notbranded's target audience is difficult to activate through e-mail, Monica deliberately chooses to still do a lot with the channel. "Besides young people, we also have a lot of people in their 30s and 40s in our target group. This group is in a certain rhythm and is active at a different time than young people. They are on their way to work, or still in bed, and start scrolling. This can be anticipated very well with e-mail. As a result, e-mail still has a large share in retaining customers and continuing to inspire the existing customer."

The challenge of a small team

Although Notbranded now consists of fifteen staff members, in the beginning there was no such thing. Monica: "I still did quite a lot myself back then. There was only support in the area of online marketing, and of course from friends."

This independence affected the choice of marketing automation software. "I started with Mailchimp, purely because I knew that software. But soon I wasn't getting what I wanted out of it."

The search for a new platform began. Monica had one hard requirement: due to the lack of e-mail specialists, it "just had to be easy." That demand was answered in Reloadify. "Someone with no understanding of e-mail marketing can create an e-mail in Reloadify in a short time. And that, for me, is why I chose Reloadify."

Notbranded has grown rapidly

From kitchen table to active in 18 countries

Today, Notbranded operates in eighteen countries within Europe. This brought with it a new desire: to send emails in a variety of languages.

"The ability to set up emails in different languages in Reloadify has helped with our international growth."

"With Reloadify, emails are customizable by country. With the right target group included immediately. That has helped us in our international growth. Within half an hour you can set up a very nice email in multiple languages!" said Monica.

And the secret to successful marketing automation? Thinking about strategies, Monica says. "What do you want to achieve? What is the purpose of a particular email? Do you want to inspire, or get something out of it immediately? Always developing a better strategy is just important for keeping customers coming back."

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