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Segmenting audiences

Gain insight into your customers thanks to the extensive segmentation capabilities in Reloadify. Segment based on buying behavior, browsing behavior and interaction with the emails you send.

Segmenting target groups

Create your own audiences

Increase sales effortlessly by segmenting your customer database. Filter by customer characteristics, buying behavior and more. Personalize your marketing strategies for each segment and build a relationship with each customer.

  • Create powerful segmentations
  • Discover new revenue opportunities
  • Get to know your customers
Create your own audiences

The best solutions. Discover how to use segmentations

Discover how to use segmentations

From one-time customers to returning fans

Establish long-term customer relationships with thousands of customers at once. Turn one-off customers into loyal ones thanks to personalized contact moments. Turn your customers into real fans.

Filter your audience exactly the way you want

Segment your target group based on profile data, order data, shopping cart data, posted reviews or viewing behavior. All data flows in directly from your webshop. Always up-to-date.

  • Endless filter possibilities
  • Create your perfect target group yourself
  • Target group is updated every minute
Filter your audience exactly the way you want

Segment Omnichannel

All data from e-mail, Recommendations, Merchandise and SMS come together on one platform. Use all this data to segment even deeper.

  • Complete ROI insight
  • Immediately clear results
  • Complete customer view
Segment *Omnichannel*

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