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The Kappersshop grows and grows, and when Edward got wind of Reloadify he was immediately interested. "I could never have set up my email marketing so efficiently and clearly without this smart software."

Client story Kappersshop

It is 2003 when Edward and his wife open the first Kappersshop in Groningen. The concept: a barbershop with a store attached. The Kappersshop quickly grows and is forced to expand. Edward and his wife therefore move to new, larger premises in Edward's home town of Drachten. "When we moved to Drachten we also immediately started a webshop. At that time we were one of the few wholesalers in hairdressing supplies and already completely online. That was advantageous. We have since built up a very large customer base," says Edward.

"Personal attention to customers; that is not only the promise we make to our customers, personal attention is also the starting point in our communication. In 2019, we started using Reloadify's software," Edward says. He explains that until then, he only sent general newsletters from the Kappersshop to the overall customer base.

"Reloadify then advised me to set up more automatic emails in the program in terms of cross- and upsell. Now someone who buys clippers, for example, will automatically receive an email after 14 days offering clipper oil. In 2020, we spent the whole year setting up these cross- and upsell funnels. That setup takes a little time once, but after that it goes automatically and you reap the benefits: we see the sales increase. Without realizing it, the store keeps running," laughs Postma.

From offline store to webshop

Thanks to Reloadify you control your email marketing to perfection. Customers can (almost) not lose track of you, but vice versa you can also keep a close eye on your customers. If they don't order anything for a long time, an email will automatically go out, if set up. "By alerting customers to abandoned shopping baskets or offering extra discounts to customers who place orders above a certain order size, our business feels very small and personal to the customer. The more data we receive from the customer when they subscribe to our newsletter, the more personal the e-mail contact. Customers love that; we often get to hear, "thank you for the reminder," or on birthdays, "how incredibly thoughtful of you to think of me. It's little things that do a lot," says Edward.

Revenue from email marketing

If a Kappersshop customer buys a certain product that has a trigger set on it, an email follows immediately or after a few days with an additional offer, a review request or an offer of a product that the customer may also be interested in. "Our business always goes on, because the triggers never stop. Even if we close up store at 5 p.m.," Edward laughs. When barbershops and non-essential stores had to close their doors during the lockdowns, Edward looked bleak for a while. "But how incredibly happy we were and are with our webshop.

We have, thanks to Reloadify, just done incredibly well. Last year we got as much as 5% of our sales from email marketing, despite the lockdown and the closing of the barbershops. That's fantastic! This year, we're going for 10% and we're definitely going to succeed. The more time and attention we invest in the program, the more you get in return. You really notice that. I never want anything else."

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