Partner program

Partner program?

Thank you for your interest in the Reloadify partner program. We would like to grow together with our partners and make optimal use of the marketing opportunities. Below you will discover the benefits of our partner program.


Reloadify helps online stores grow and build online customer relationships at scale. Online stores can use purchase history, customer data and marketing channels to send personal messages.


As a partner of Reloadify you are responsible for managing and optimizing customer accounts. You make sure that your customers are satisfied with our software and your services. We would like to reward you for this, in the table below you can see which benefits we offer:

Partner Bronze Silver Gold
Partner portal
Partner Badge
Special partner actions
Unique affiliate link
Minimum applied MRR€0€250€2500€10.000
Kickback-10% (12 months)15% (16 months)20% (24 monts)
Listing on Partner page-
Sales support--
Dedicated Partner succes manager-

Affiliate Terms

Before you become our partner, we would like to have a (digital) cup of coffee with you. We do this to discover how your business works, which other technologies you use and whether we are a fit.

How long does it take to become a partner?

If we are a fit, it usually takes 2-3 days after the introduction before you have a partner account with Reloadify.

Unique affiliate URL

As an affiliate, you will receive a unique affiliate URL that you can share with customers and leads that they can use to sign up with Reloadify. If someone uses the unique link for a Reloadify account and then becomes a customer within 90 days, their MRR will automatically be added to your partner account.

Kickback of brought in MRR

When a lead introduced becomes a Reloadify customer through the unique affiliate URL or by the partner itself, you will receive a percentage of the MRR for a specific time period. The percentage is determined by the partner status at the time the lead is accepted. Payments are made within 45 days of the end of a calendar quarter.

Roadmap updates

As a partner of Reloadify, you are the first to know about new updates in the program. Through events and webinars we give you the first insight into new features, product improvements and sales techniques to generate more turnover for your company.

Dedicated partner manager

To ensure that we grow together, each partner is assigned a dedicated partner manager. Our partner manager ensures that you get everything you need within the partner program. Think of; on-boarding of new customers, advice for new features, best practices, co-marketing activities, team training to use Reloadify optimally, sales advice and tools and resources to successfully deploy Reloadify.


Do you have questions about our partner program? Then contact us!