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The email marketing platform for

Collect unlimited data from your webshop. Synchronize orders, categories, discount codes and more. Connect data sources and discover new opportunities for personalization.

“Other email software is for sending emails, Reloadify is for increasing sales”

E-commerce is in our DNA. Every link and feature is focused on e-commerce. This means that everything in our package is aimed at generating more turnover for your webshop. Or as one of our customers put it nicely: “Other email software is for sending emails, Reloadify is for increasing sales.”

Database with real-time insight to your customers

Customer Data Platform

Reloadify is known for its email marketing, but the real boss is our database. Thanks to our database you have real-time insight into your customers, transactions and reports.

We do in milliseconds what others do in hours

  • Real-time synchronisation
  • No development necessary
  • Unlimited segmentation
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Build your own emails with Reloadify

Send personal emails

Our email editor makes designing great emails easy. Drag and drop your dynamic products or discount codes and save time.

Use web store data to personalize emails and communicate with your customers at scale.

  • Drag 'n drop editor
  • Product database
  • Dynamic content
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Segment your customer base

Enterprise segmentation for everybody

Get access to enterprise segmentation and complete freedom in filtering customer profiles.

With more than 75 filter rules you can build powerful target groups based on customer data, email results or sales results.

  • New insights into target groups
  • Continue synchronisation
  • More than 75+ segmentation rules
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Automate your emails

Automate your marketing

Automate your email marketing campaigns, send relevant emails and segment on different target groups within your customer base.

Our email editor makes designing great emails easy. Drag in your dynamic products or discount codes and save time!

  • Drag 'n drop editor
  • Product database
  • Dynamic content
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Search for your answers

Collect data

Synchronize all your customer data and collect leads via pop-ups or landing pages.

Grow your company


Find out who your most loyal customers are; segment on more than 75 properties and put together your own target groups.

Communicate with your customers


Make it personal, send personal and dynamic emails that adapt to the recipient.

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Measure your turnover from emails

Insights till the cent

Clicks and opens are nice, but sales are better. Get instant insight into the results of your campaigns.

Nerd talk warning: Reloadify measures cookieless cross channel so that you always have reliable reports.

  • Cookieless conversion attributions
  • Cross channel conversion attribution
  • Automatic Google Analytics measurement
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Test your emails for multiple aspects

Test your assumptions

Of course you want to send an email that yields as much as possible. Test what works! Which topic is attractive? And does that button on the left (or right) yield the most?

You decide what you want to test for. Test on the number of opens, the number of clicks or the number of unsubscribes. The winning variant will be sent automatically.

  • Test campaigns
  • Test automations
  • Determine your own goal KPI's
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Create your own landing pages for better marketing

Landing pages

Collect leads, enrich your profiles, style your unsubscribe pages and publish landing pages via your own domain.

  • Landing pages on your own domain
  • SSL encrypted
  • Publish without developer involvement
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Create pop ups for better engagement

Pop ups

The best way to sell more is to grow your email list. With the pop-up module from Reloadify you have all the tools to realize this.

  • Drag 'n drop pop up builder
  • Drag 'n drop forms builder
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