Why Reloadify?

The CRM platform for e-commerce

Collect unlimited data from your webshop. Synchronize orders, categories, discount codes and more. Connect data sources and discover new opportunities for retention.

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Collect data

Synchronize all your customer data and collect leads via pop-ups or landing pages.

Grow your company


Find out who your most loyal customers are; segment on more than 75 properties and put together your own target groups.

Communicate with your customers


Make it personal, send personal and dynamic emails that adapt to the recipient.

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Build your own emails with Reloadify

Send personal emails

Our email editor makes designing great emails easy. Drag and drop your dynamic products or discount codes and save time.

Use web store data to personalize emails and communicate with your customers at scale.

  • Drag 'n drop editor
  • Product database
  • Dynamic content
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Segment your customer base

Enterprise segmentation for everybody

Get access to enterprise segmentation and complete freedom in filtering customer profiles.

With more than 75 filter rules you can build powerful target groups based on customer data, email results or sales results.

  • New insights into target groups
  • Continue synchronisation
  • More than 75+ segmentation rules
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