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Reloadify synchronizes all data from your OpenCart shop effortlessly with our software. In real-time.

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Reloadify synchronizes all data from your OpenCart webshop effortlessly with our software. We do this in real-time. So you always have access to the latest orders, customers and other data. Yes, everything is linked!

  • Plug & play webshop integrations
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Automatiom
  • Newsletters
  • Drag 'n drop editor

The right message at the right time. With Reloadify, that becomes a piece of cake. Nowadays, it’s not a question of whether you want to segment. But how far you want to go. Segment with Reloadify on more than 50 characteristics. This way you get the most out of your email marketing for OpenCart.

You help your customers find the right products. And you effortlessly increase your turnover. The result: sending a mailing has never been so easy.

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“We only have to write the texts, format the e-mails and finally send the e-mail to the right customer group. That convenience, that's what we were looking for”

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