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E-mail marketing & marketing automation voor Magento 2

Reloadify synchronizes all data from your Magento 2 webshop effortlessly with our software. In real-time.

Reloadify synchronizes all data from your Magento webshop effortlessly with our software. Completely real-time. Why integrate Reloadify with Magento? There are plenty of reasons!

  • Plug & play webshop integrations
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Automation
  • Newsletters
  • Drag 'n drop editor

Reloadify has many advantages. One of these advantages is that your product feed is automatically linked. So you never have to worry about incorrect images or prices.

Besides that, creating flows is made easy for you. Drag your flows together without any knowledge of code. With our drag ‘n drop builder, you can quickly and easily build complete customer journeys. Fully customizable. This way, the customer journey really comes to life. Combine what your customers do with what they have bought and other data points you have collected. Design your flows. And see your revenue increase.

Still not convinced? Well, there is a third advantage. Reloadify integrates with everything and everyone. Like with Facebook, Instagram and Google Analytics. This allows you to create a 360-degree customer profile.

You then increase your sales without any effort. The result: sending out a newsletter has never been easier. Want to do A/B testing? That’s possible too! For example, with subject lines. Then it’s easy to send out the best scoring email. In short: everything your marketing heart desires, Reloadify has for you!

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“We only have to write the texts, format the e-mails and finally send the e-mail to the right customer group. That convenience, that's what we were looking for”

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