E-mail marketing & automation for E-commerce

Reloadify is e-mail marketing software specifically developed for web shops.

With Reloadify you send personal emails to build strong relationships with customers, create brand experiences and drive repeat business. Communicate widely, but talk to each customer on a personal level.

🇳🇱 Support, servers and your data safe in Europa.

Understand the whole picture

Analyze and segment based on purchasing behavior, surfing behavior and interaction with the emails you send. Send personal emails that actually make your customers happy.


Deep integration, more data

Integrate directly with your favorite shopping software and sync in real-time all your valuable data.


Listen, analyse and send with Reloadify



Build strong relationships with your customers by listening and storing information that is important to them

Reloadify immediately collects all important data in your webshop.




Analyze your data and discover trends or opportunities.

Find out who your most loyal customers are; segment on more than 40 properties and put together your own target groups.



Differentiate yourself from your competition by applying in your emails what you have learned in the listening and analysis phase.

Send dynamic emails that automatically adapt to the recipient.

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3. Build meaningful relationships
Segment your customers on the basis of 40+ different characteristics and send personal emails.

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