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The Special Days Calendar 2023

With the free Special Days Calendar 2023 you’re completely informed about more than 200 different special days.

Special Days Calendar?

Special days as using a current event in which you respond to a topical subject with a post, photo, video or e-mail. Hence the name ‘Special Days’. You tie yourself to the subject. You will have to balance which Special Days you want to use and which you don’t.

How do you do this? By smartly using the PAC-model:

  • Personal
  • Authority
  • Commercial

Eventually you’ll see that you mainly focus on the first two. The third often comes automatically: you can easily link your own products to the tie-in you’re using. So process the most logical brackets for your company. Do you sell sunglasses? Then you shouldn’t skip the Day of the Sunglasses for even more exposure for your company on that Day.

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