Customer data & marketing platform

Customer database

Millions of touchpoints, One central place for all your data. Create a 360 degree profile of all your customers in Reloadify.

Synchronise your data in real-time

All your data, in real-time

Segmentation and personalization gives your marketing expressions much more power. You must be able to use all data from your webshop.

Some webshops spend hundreds or thousands of euros on Customer Data Platforms (CPDs). Just to be allowed to use their own data.

With Reloadify, every online store can convert its data into growth without burning time or money.

  • Real-time synchronisation
  • Customer data & marketing platform
  • No developer necessary
Segmentation at an enterprise level

Powerful enterprise segmentation

Filter your customer base by brand? By product? Or left-handed dentists in Rotterdam? In Reloadify you have complete freedom in filtering customer profiles.

With more than 75 filter rules you can build powerful target groups based on customer, purchase, email and sales data. All your data, profiles, transactions and more in one profile. Millions of touch points processed in real time.

With Reloadify we do in milliseconds what others do in hours.

All your customer information in a searchable database

Profile enrichment the way you want it

Want to know more about your customer? Profile enrichment is easy in Reloadify.

Favorite pet? Check! Favorite brand? Check! Hobbies, sports or interest in certain films? Check, check and check! You are in charge of your data. And so you also determine which data you request from your customers.

  • Profile enrichment through landing pages & Pop-ups
  • Your own subdomain
  • Drag 'n drop form designer
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“We only have to write the texts, format the e-mails and finally send the e-mail to the right customer group. That convenience, that's what we were looking for”

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