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A/B testing

With A/B testing you discover what works and what doesn’t. Test different subject lines, sending times or content in your emails.

Use A/B testing to improve the effects of your emails

Increase your engagement!

By properly testing how your target group reacts to your newsletter, you get to know your target group and you can always adjust your newsletter. As a result, you know better and better what your newsletter should look like. And so your engagement of your newsletter will eventually increase and ultimately the conversion as well. We make it as easy as possible for you.

In our drag ‘n drop editor you will find both an A variant and a B variant of your newsletter. Make up double? No Fortunately not. Our software duplicates variant A to variant B. This way you have the same newsletters and you can then make adjustments to variant B. Piece of cake? Of course!

  • Test on multiple KPIs
  • Automatically grab the winner
  • Childishly simple A/B testing
Use A/B testing to check the open rate of your emails

Get more opens or clicks

More clicks? More opens? We got you covered! For more clicks or more opens, it is possible with us to A/B test on Open rate, Click rate or number of unsubscribes.

For the open rate it is possible to adjust your subject line and snippet in variant A or variant B. For your click rate you want to have maximum clicks of course. We understand that like no other. Here too, you test your subject line and pre-header.

Would you rather know how your content will catch on? Logically! That is why it is possible for us to test the content of your A/B test. Think of images, buttons, text, the layout of your newsletter, how long your newsletter is, specific colors in your images and so on.

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